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Sunrise Engagement

In October last year, we were lucky to have our cousin and her partner visit us from Europe.

Their trip was be taking them all over Australia and with a short stay with us in Manly to get a true experience of the Aussie beach lifestyle. 

Amongst the catch up, we got around to discussing our sunrise photos and how we take the shots for gifts to celebrate people’s special days. 

They would be celebrating their first year together while they were with us, and Garret suggested they mark the day by joining us for the Sunrise Photo that morning. 

Later on, with Helga out of earshot, Garret let slip that he planned to propose that morning at sunrise. 

We thought this was a gamble! 

Not because there was any doubt she’d say yes (they’re a perfect match), but we know how fickle the mornings can be. 

Not everyday is breathtaking, and a grey cloudy backdrop would surely dampen some of the magic of the moment. 

We genuinely may have been as nervous as him the night before. 

When the morning came the four of us strolled out onto the beach, and sure enough it was  it was a stunner. Beautiful and calm, with a little haze on the horizon saw the sun come up as a perfect ball, with very little glare. 

Trying his best to look natural, Garret took Helga aside for a short stroll, before dropping to one knee. 

Still slowly waking up from the early start, Helga slowly grasped what was happening before bursting into the biggest grin. 

The deed was done and we were there to capture the moment. 

6 Months later we got the best surprise when their wedding invite arrived in the post….


Sunrise Wedding Invite

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