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Our Own Birth Sunrise

Birth Sunrise Day you were born

You may have spotted that our May 2020 gallery is a little light on dates, but that's with good reason.

We welcomed our wonderful daughter Annika into the world this month, born on the 7th May, which as you can see it was an amazing morning, and Annika was blessed with a stunning birth sunrise to bring her into the world.

Sunrise at Curl Curl Pool the day Annika was born

With a few sleepless nights in the early weeks we took a month off, and have been back shooting every morning since June 2020. 

When we were pregnant, we were super excited for our own Birth Sunrise Print. The pressure was on and we prayed that the sunrise on the day Annika was born, would reflect the joy of our personal journey to bring her into the world.

Sunrise at Manly Beach the day Annika was borth

We asked our talented friend @spindriftstories to take a sunrise picture in case we wouldn‘t make it to the beach ourselves the day labour started and she did an amazing job. Ryan did get some great shots as well and as soon as he returned we made our way to the Hospital were Annika was born at 10:18am that day.

We are so lucky to have an amazing print to always remember that perfect day in our life, and the joy which the newest and tiniest early bird has brought us.

Annika's Birth Sunrise


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