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Solving the Father’s Day Gift – What to get the man who has everything.

Father's day gift

Like a lot of Dad’s mine has always been incredibly difficult to buy gifts for, his pragmatic nature means that there’s very little he wants and whatever he needs he buys himself. Over the years we’ve exhausted the accessories of his couple of hobbies, purchased tickets to all the experiences, shows and comedians you can imagine.  


Hands down the best present I ever gave him though didn’t cost a thing.


It was a thank you list – a letter looking back and thanking him for a handful of the things he’s ever taught me. I won’t post it here as its deeply personal but a few of the things included how to swim, drive, fish, play chess and develop a fond love for badly dubbed martial arts films. Each point reminded me of a funny story as I wrote the letter and the memories took him back 30 years when he read it. My Mum assures me it made him a bit watery eyed.


It turns out we don’t walk down memory lane all that often, and taking a few minutes to look back lets us know all the things we have to be grateful for.


Bringing those memories to the forefront is why we started photographing the sunrise every day, we wanted to create something which sits in your home and takes you back time and again to remind you how you felt on the most important days of your life.


Maybe write that thank you letter for your Dad this year. I promise you’ll get as much out of writing it as he will reading it.

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