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The Paper Anniversary Gift - Celebrating your first trip around the sun together.

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How’s it been a year?

365 days since you tied the knot and said your vows, and the reward for your year of commitment is the unenviable task of finding the perfect gift for your spouse when the theme is, of all things - Paper! 

The Paper Anniversary is said to represent a blank page, one upon which you’ve started to write out the story of your life together. 

As the chapters of this story develop, each will bring a different turn. There will be moments which bring you both to tears of joy, and times when you have to hold hands, stand shoulder to shoulder and stare down life’s biggest challenges together. Through it all, we often yearn to stay young but it’s the passing of time which can reveal a depth to your love that you may not yet know exists.

The longer the story continues the richer it becomes with detail, but the starting point always remains the same. So use the Paper Anniversary to preserve the memory of that first day, keep  the anticipation and excitement you had on the wedding morning close to heart. 

You’ve almost returned from your first trip around the sun together! Find the sunrise from your wedding day in our daily gallery

With our download option you’ll receive the high resolution version of the photo, which can print the image however you like to make the perfect Paper Anniversary Gift!

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