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Valentine’s Day - An alternative to flowers!

There’s a great scene in the comedy drama ‘Stranger than Fiction’ from the mid-2000s, where Will Ferrell’s character Harold Crick brings a gift to his love interest Ana Pascal (played by Maggie Gyllenhaal). Miss Pascal runs a quaint little bakery, so with a subtle twist on the old fashioned favourite, Harold brings Maggie ‘FLOURS’. 

It’s the most simple take on the most unimaginative of romantic gifts and making it unique, personal and meaningful in one hit. And that’s what we are all seeking with the gifts we buy for our loved ones. We want to find something special that shows we love and appreciate them for what makes them unique!

Hitting that sweet spot is a tough ask, and if you’re reading this you’re probably struggling for ideas ahead of this valentine’s day. 

We started making our daily sunrise photos available as gifts because we wanted to create just that. Something completely unique and as personal as it gets. There was a day when the sun came up and you met your better half for the first time, neither of you would have known what was in store for you that day and how your life would pivot from that day forwards. 

Our sunrise photos take people back time and again to the special days of their lives together, whether it’s that first meeting or the date of the first kiss, engagement or wedding day. There’s some days that you’ve shared that you will always want to look back on and we want our shots to remind you of how you felt on that morning. 

Obviously, if you happen to be seeing a Baker, then crack on with the Flours idea...your welcome. 

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