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Was today your sunrise?

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Today the sun came up at 5:48am in Sydney. 

Before it rises again, over the next 24 hours approximately 360,000 babies will be born worldwide with around 900 born in Australia. That’s one every 1min 45 sec, so by time you finish reading this blog another Aussie will be born. For around 1800 Australian parents, today will arguably be the most important and possibly happiest day of their lives. 

On average there are around 120,000 marriages a year in Australia, that works out around 326 a day. Today is a Saturday so it could be a lot higher, but it’s safe to say around 650 people will never forget today as the day they said ‘I Do’. 

Today countless others will pass their driving test, start new jobs and get the keys to their first home, while maybe the younger amongst us will experience their first kiss or have their first date this evening. 

5:48am this morning was their sunrise, and tomorrow’s will belong to a whole other group. 

For the rest of us today will just be an ordinary Saturday. In a month we’ll struggle to remember what happened and what we did today, it’s not a public holiday and there’s no festive occasion. 

This is not a bad thing, there’s a great saying ‘life is what happens while you’re busy making plans’ and the everyday moments often shape us as much as the big events. It’s easy to miss the little gems of happiness in these more normal days. 

A few years ago, we started the habit of listing our ‘Top 5’, remembering the little highlights of the day - like watching a crazy dog at the park, bumping into an old friend, running for and just making the bus in time. Even on the most monotonous days there’s plenty of things which make us smile and we often don’t notice them, recapping the highlights reminds us that every day has something to be grateful for, even if today wasn’t our sunrise. 

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