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What's in your keepsake box?

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With our daughter born last year, we look back over photos of her early months and (like all parents) struggle to grasp how much she has changed and grown in such a short time. We must have been in a sleep deprived haze for much of it, as we can barely remember how it felt to hold the fragile new-born version of our daughter, in comparison to the speed-crawling tearaway that now lives with us. 

Finding one of her first sleeping bags in the wardrobe, we can’t fathom how she was ever that small. We all live in a world more digitally documented than ever before, and yet, there’s something about a few tangible items from your past that can make you stop in your tracks and pause to cast your mind back to a time since past. It’s those items that can make clearing out the attic devolve from a 2 hour job into a weekend journey through the past 30 years. 

We had the sense that time would water down the memories of the pregnancy and her very early days, so we’ve created a keepsake box to preserve that moment in time and give her a glimpse into the days she’ll never know or remember as she gets older. 

Our keepsake box includes her first pair of socks, the photos from our pregnancy scans, a recording of the first time we heard her heartbeat, the sunrise of her first day, the first mother’s day card she ‘wrote’ her mum at 4 days old, an early toy and the hospital identification band from her tiny ankle!

Glancing back through it, memories of scans, appointments, the day she arrived all come flooding back, and we can’t wait to show her the box in the years to come. As an added benefit we hope it will also serve as a little reminder for our baby when she hits those teenage years and starts to feel the world should revolve around her, that the earth did in-fact spin before she arrived! ;)

What’s in your keepsake box?

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