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Why we take sunrise photos everyday.

Daily sunrise photos Everyday sunrises

As time goes by our memories blend together, the weeks, months and even years of our lives become diluted to a few highlights, but we all have a handful of days which we’ll never forget.

These are the days which shape our souls and come to define our lives.

It could be the wedding day you’ve always dreamed of, the day your son or daughter was born, the moment you reconnected with a long-lost family member, or any other event that takes place between sunrise and sunset and changes you forever.

We wanted to create something which keeps these memories at the forefront of our minds, something which reminds us of the moments that shaped us and what’s important in our lives.

Every day is the most important day ever for someone somewhere in the world, and they all start with the sun creeping over the horizon, each time bringing hope for the day ahead. So, we started shooting sunrise photos everyday because every morning is going to be the start of something special for somebody.

We hope that our sunrise photos become precious gifts which remind people that sometimes everything lines up and the world delivers a slice of magic for all of us.

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