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We “The Early Birds” love to get up with the rising sun. Living at the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney we spend most of our time on the beach, enjoying the ocean and nature's beauty. We love that each sunrise is unique with its rays, reflections and its interplay with the ocean. With our daily sunrise photos we want to capture the essence of each morning, and create gifts that capture a memory of a special day.


A gift for every occasion

Birth, Wedding, Engagement, Graduation or any other occasion close to your heart, our photos are a gift as unique and special as the day itself.

Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, friend or relative, a stunning photograph of dawn will hold that special first day in the memory for a lifetime.

You can search our sunrise galleries to find a specific date here.


Can't find your date?

We're out every morning and strive to capture the essence of the start of the day, but sometimes the elements are against us, the clouds don't align and the shot just won't do justice to how special the day will be for some. If the image doesn't touch our soul, it won't make it onto the store.

If we don't have a shot for your date on the store, email us at and we'll send you a reminder next year to when hopefully we've captured the date you're looking for.